TRUTH IS WHAT YOU SEE IN THE FLESH. That’s why God didn’t create but one. Flesh can’t lie. If God is not in the flesh; the Devil is. Jesus is the way; for God to be. Adam and Eve is the way for the Devil to be. YOU HAVE A CHOICE. JESUS FLESH OR THE FLESH OF ADAM AND EVE.
Jesus said, “Eat my flesh, drink my blood or you have no life in you. In other words; you are living from life of your flesh until death; instead of the spirit of God forever.

THE OLD TESTAMENT IS THE DEVIL’S WAY OF LIVING. God ways didn’t become flesh until the birth of Jesus. God is there to enforce the choice man, made when man ate the fruit.

GOD AND THE DEVIL, CAN’T BE. THERE ISN’T BUT ONE FLESH TO BE IN. Before the death of Jesus; God couldn’t be. Man, obeyed the Devil and the Devil became flesh. THIS IS WHY GOD GAVE THE WORLD JESUS.


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