JESUS DIED FOR sin of those who died before him, Like Abraham and Moses, not for the living, to show the living the way to live without death; from life of the spirit of God, which is without woman.

You cannot have God and woman. You must give up God to have woman.

Jesus is the way for you to have God and not woman. Adam and Eve is the way for you to have woman, and not  God.

Jesus said, John 8:51 “Anyone obeys my teaching shell never know what it is to die. The Jews said, “Now we are certain you are possessed; Abraham is dead; the prophets are dead and yet you say, “If anyone obeys my teaching shell never know what it is to die”. Are you Greater than our Father Abraham who is dead? The prophets are dead too. What do you claim to be?

Jesus said John 6:47 “In truth in very truth I tell you, the believer possesses eternal life, I am the bread of life, your forefather ate manna in the desert and they are dead, am speaking of the bread that came down from Heaven, which a man may eat and never die. I am that living bread which has come down from Heaven; if anyone eats this bread he shall live forever, moreover the bread which I give is my own flesh; I give it for the life of the world, I tell you unless you eat the flesh of the son of man and drink his blood you can have no life in you, whoever eats my flesh and drink my blood possess eternal life; I will raise him up on the last day.


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